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Colorado Springs Personal Trainer Jeff Wilson

The place you go for a lifestyle reset. Today is the day to change and live out your best self!

If you’re in need of a lifestyle renovation, Colorado Springs Personal Trainer Jeff Wilson can help. Maybe you’ve had chronic pain, weight issues, you feel sluggish and have low energy, and overall you’re just not happy with yourself and your body. If any of these explain you more, then you’ve come to the right place. I myself have had various autoimmune issues and chronic back and joint pain. It has taken a whole change of lifestyle, habits, and definitely eating and viewing food differently to help with the issues and allow myself to live with more energy and vitality day in and day out.

With my holistic personal training approach I can help you on your journey of figuring out the splinters in your life that are holding you back from achieving the body, mind and life you’ve always wanted or used to have! The time is now. Not tomorrow. Contact me to get started!

Experience what it feels like to have a personal trainer with you every step of the way by setting up your free 1-hour consultation ($60 value). I’ll assess your movement, your goals and the splinters in your life so you know what the next step is and feel confident about getting there.

What You Get from Colorado Springs Personal Trainer Jeff Wilson

Nutritional Counseling

I’ll help you build a plan that fits your goals to help change your mindset and habits around food.

Increased Mobility & Flexibility

Oftentimes your health is dictated by the mobility of the joints and flexibility of the muscles surrounding the joints.

Decreased Chronic Joint Pain

If you’ve been suffering in some way, it’s time to change through exercise and nutrition changes.

Full Lifestyle Reboot

Let’s get your life back! One step, one rep, one meal, one change at a time.

Jeff Wilson Personal Coach Trainer Colorado Springs

Increased Strength

Proper muscular strength creates a sound body, and I’ll help you create an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and will meet your goals.

Decreased Fear of Lifting Weights

If you fear bulking up or just lifting weights in general, I’ll strip that fear away one rep at a time.

Feel Like an Athlete Again

Remember what it felt like when you were an athlete? It’s time to get that back.

Running Speed & Stamina

I can help you create a stronger body to help improve your running form, running speed and power as well as decrease those personal best times!

Help with nutrition in Colorado Springs Jeff Wilson


Custom meal plans to fit your lifestyle and compliment your fitness journey!

Running Coach Jeff Wilson Colorado Springs

Personal Training

One on one training fit to your needs and goals. Individually designed exercise plans to complement our in-person sessions as well.

Remote Online Personal Training with Jeff Wilson

Remote Training

Remote (online) coaching can be tailored to fit your exact needs. There are great options for those not in the Colorado Springs area or those needing to fit their budget better.


Company Mission Statement

Fit4Life365 was founded to revolutionize the fitness and wellness world through quality educational content, a comforting environment to work with and for, and exercise and nutrition programs to help shape those needing a lifestyle reboot to gain control of their health. The Fit4Life365 community will be build upon these areas to provide the founders with a successful business platform to grow the channels of distribution and outreach for the community. 

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