Hybrid Coaching Colorado Springs

Hybrid Coaching in Colorado Springs with Jeff Wilson

Personal Trainer Jeff Wilson offers Hybrid Coaching in Colorado Springs. So what exactly is hybrid coaching? Hybrid coaching is a combination of in-person coaching and remote coaching, which provides the best bang for your buck because you get in-person contact along with a very cost-effective program.

This works well for those traveling a lot, or those who try to be as cost-effective as possible while still getting one on one appointments. This is also very beneficial for those who are very motivated and just need a little guidance from me.

This will NOT work well for those who are not motivated on your own very much or need the constant scheduling of appointments to get their workouts in. If that’s you then visit my personal training page or just fill out our contact form and choose “One on One Coaching.”

You will still need access to some equipment to fulfill the requirements of using this program. If you need more information, are unsure of the next step or are just ready to get started, then fill out our contact form! I look forward to speaking with you.

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