Personal Training Colorado Springs

We Offer 5 Types of Personal Training in Colorado Springs

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, I can offer personal training one-on-one, as well as for couples and groups. Even if you do not live in Colorado Springs, I provide remote, online coaching and training.

One on One Personal Training with Coach Jeff Wilson in Colorado Springs


Work with Jeff one-on-one to achieve your personal goals, often the best way!

At Home Personal Training with Jeff Wilson in Colorado Springs


Work out in the comfort of your own home or apartment gym.

Couple Personal Training Colorado Springs Jeff Wilson


Packages for couples or partner training. Limited time slots are available.

Online Personal Training Remote Help Jeff Wilson Colorado Springs

Small Groups

Packages for small groups of 3 to 5 people. Limited time slots are available.

Online Personal Training Remote Help Jeff Wilson Colorado Springs


For an affordable price get full monthly programs sent to you with exercise videos, meal plans, and communication with Jeff.

What Problems I Can Help Solve

Contact Jeff Wilson for Personal Training in Colorado Springs

  • Poor Nutritional Habits

    Everybody needs to work on their food choices at some point in their lives. It takes having the right mindset and the right trainer to help you put some new choices into work.

  • Poor Mobility & Flexibility

    Much of the pain or discomfort you experience goes hand in hand with a tight and immobile body, so we need to put both of these as a high priority to be able to move more functionally throughout the day. This will also help in your exercise routines.

  • Chronic Joint & Muscular Pain

    I’ll teach you how to move properly and lift properly so that you can give your body what it needs to work with and perform maximally.

  • Muscular Imbalances

    It is important to address muscular imbalances so the body doesn’t compensate and create patterns that put your joints in the wrong position and cause chronic pain.

  • Low Strength

    I also help increase strength according to your goals. I’m not here to make someone a bodybuilder or to bulk up, but building strength in the body is essential for long-term health.

  • Balance & Stability Issues

    As you age, the need for proper balance and stability at the joints increases substantially. Therefore, now is the time to add proper strength creating a stable joint and balanced body.

Are you looking for a running coach? Head over to my running site to check out my coaching options for runners.

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